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Bio: Our History
Jiangsu Ruizhifeng Engineering Tools Co., Ltd, formerly known as Dongtai Shiping Hardware Tools Co., Ltd., was established in 2006, now mainly produces high-speed tool steel and tunnel engineering shield machine tools. As a new product developed in recent years, projects of all kinds of accessory tool items have been established with the idea of giving priority to quality and catching up with the advanced level at home and abroad. After entering the market, the products has successfully entered a number of tunnel engineering in China and gained good reputation.
Production Equipment
With a R & D team of nearly 20 members, at the beginning of the research and development, the research institute of our company received strong technical support from many authorities, including the General Research Institute of Beigang and Chengdu Iron and Steel Research Institute. On alloy tool steel H13, the company owes the one-stop independent production lines from the smelting, refining, forging, grinding ring forming, numerical control metal cutting processing and heat treatment, and equipped with complete testing equipments, including the hardness tester, chemical composition analyzer, metallographic microscopic analyzer, impact testing and universal testing machine. The quality control of the whole process ensures product quality. So far, we have successfully provided a complete range of cutting tools and related accessories for shield equipments and TBM of Herrenknecht, Mitsubishi, Wirth, Kmatsu and Robbins. A large number of engineering applications prove that the performance of our products has reached or even surpassed that of similar imported products. The company's products are also widely used in subway, railway, highway, mining, water conservancy, municipal engineering and other fields. At present, through the provision of high-quality products and technical services, the company has established close strategic cooperation with many large and medium-sized well-known enterprises at home and abroad and won praise from the industry.
Production Market
Using self - developed high quality materials, the knife ring produced by our company leads the domestic counterparts and achieves international standards. Its HRC is 56 to 58 after a special process treatment, and the impact energy value detected by National Steel Yannake Testing Center is up to 40 J (internationally recognized), and the impact power of domestic products of the same trade generally 24 to 30J. Therefore, our cutters have the characteristics of good impact resistance, high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life. Our company will choose different types of cutter rings for different strata to meet the needs of customers. After trial application, 750 rings have been drilled in the complex stratum of Guangzhou, Qingdao and Fuzhou, and the wear of the rings is superior to that of domestic counterparts.China Single Disc Cutter With Carbide Teeth Insert For Hard Rock
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