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Bio: 1.Our History
Feda nitrogen was founded in 1988. After the reconstruction in 2003, our parent company has registered as Beijing Feda High-Tech Gas Co.,Ltd. Chinese manufacturer has been flourishing with each passing day after restructuring. Chinese sales value has kept increasing for 9 consecutive years. Our market occupying rate is one of the largest among companies of the same type in an around China.
In 2007, Chinese manufacturer built the production base in the South of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and our base covers 6,000 square meters. Chinese manufacturer can offer 800 sets of equipment per year. Our parent company has a group of vibrant and talented staff of high-quality, more than 70% of them have college degrees. That is why we are able to develop new technology constantly. We believe we can meet higher demands of the market
2. Our Factory
Feda Nitrogen, Inc. is a division of Beijing Feda High-Tech Gas Co.,Ltd, one of the earliest companies engaged in the production of nitrogen generators by adopting pressure swing adsorption technology. There is no best, only better. Feda would like to provide universal services and products for our valuable clients. We are continously innovating and improving technology, strengthening quality management and perfecting after sales service, to supply better products and services to the clients and bring them long time benefits.
We are looking forward to cooperate with you in the near future. Welcome to visit us.
3.Our Product
We have developed nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, nitrogen purification equipment, hydrogen purification equipment and air purification equipment and obtained six national patents for the past two decades. We also provide VPSA oxygen generation system and PSA oxygen plant. Regarding nitrogen plant, we can provide both membrane method and PSA method. Furthermore, Feda also make the products such as liquid oxygen and cryogenic nitrogen plant. Regarding the plants size we can do both small mobile nitrogen generator and large-scale container N2 generation system with high purity. We can do marine explosion-proof nitrogen equipment and on site mining nitrogen generator with sufficient N2 purity.
4.Product Application
Chemical industry:
Monocrystalline silicon
Material transportation
Beer & Food:
Beer's store & reservation
Air conditioned cold store regarding fruits and vegetable
Food packing
Nitrogen curing process
Industry Manufacturing & Fabrication:
Injection molding
Mining :
Coal mining
Repair the leaky part of a roof
Oil production
Oil & Gas:
General Rig Inerting
Gas Buffer Seals
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Process Gas :
Separation of Gases
Custom Fabrication
Mediacal :
Cold knife
5.Our Certificate
We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CCS certification, CE certification, ASME certification, DNV certification and CSA certification, etc.
6.Production Equipment
We are capable of mixing and producing an infinite number of polyurethane compounds, and offer some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available, including custom molding and machining.
For Polyurethane Compounds: We can precisely mix prepolymers with curatives to produce polyurethanes ranging in durometer from 5A (extremely soft) to 75D (extremely hard).
7.Production Market
We have a branch company in Houston USA. And our clients are all over world, such as BC Canada, London UK, Kiev Ukraine, Luanda Angola, Seoul Korea, Dushanbe Tajikistan, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia, Taiwan China. We also corporate with Chevron Phillips, BASF, Frio-lay potato chips, Kuwait oil company and Statoil ASA, etc.
8.Our service
We guarantee 1 years warranty on service and we can provide overseas after-sale service as well. We can also offer you some free important spare parts for 1 year. Furthermore, we can promise that the price for 3 years spare parts unchanged.China VPSA oxygen plant
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